About Marine Harvest

Aquaculture is transforming the seafood industry and Marine Harvest is playing an important role in that change – leading the way with sustainability, innovation and responsibility.

We grow our salmon in the remote and pristine waters of the Western Highlands and Islands of Scotland. We provide jobs and support fragile rural economies in some of the most remote communities in the country.

In 2015 we produced more than 50,000 tonnes of high quality farmed salmon, forty percent of it for the overseas market including, most recently, China.

We are part of the Marine Harvest Group which is the world’s leading seafood company and the largest producer of farmed salmon.

Our salmon are reared in hatcheries and fresh water loch farms before they are moved to our 49 sea farms on the west coast. Once grown to market size they are transported by sea to our Harvest Station in the port of Mallaig and onward to our processing plant in Fort William for gutting, packing and distribution to our customers all over the world.